Monday, September 26, 2011


September 26, 2011- Small Stones
lists by  Teri H Hoover
Prompted by Mindful Writing Prompt #13: To Do Lists- by A~Lotus

without a clock it does not matter.
Well done - sometimes. Beautiful even in the messes.

The pressure of what I have not done -like a wet bag of sand.
I leave it behind and walk my dog.
Feeling better I start again...
And for a moment am distracted by loveliness,
I pick up my camera,
I find some words,
I make some pickles,
I plant a flower,
I snuggle my dog,
I remember I am loved,
I breathe.

The personal admonishments that say,
"it is not enough- "
wait in the pile of to do lists that sits next to my phone.