Wednesday, August 24, 2011

distractions in my window

August 24, 2011 Small Stones.
distractions in my window  by Teri H Hoover

 Steppin' Out Summer Festival- Blacksburg,VA- Aug 6, 2011

If you have a window that is covered
with distractions
you will not be able to see out of it.

Not much of a Small Stone - but be that as it may- this photo is a the result of a art prompt over on OzStuff-Three Muses Challenge-... the prompt was windows. There are three windows in this fun little photo - I labeled them just in case there is any question. This goes along with my nature to sometimes overstate the obvious and it added just the right amount of "where's Waldoism-ness" (ah spell check you are no fun at all) . I hope you like whimsy because I may be heading that way once in a while now that The Wedding is over and I cannot keep up with posting my writing. (Side thought... How is I was able to write and post all the way up and through the wedding? And now I am writing just as much - I know you were worried -but not getting it posted?? ) 

So I am doing the "let's do something new" when I "should" be working on __________fill in the blank- tell me that is ok...