Thursday, August 04, 2011


August 4, 2011 Small Stones
flight by Teri H Hoover
Inspired by a photo by Barbara Boethling-
Her blog link-Polished Stones 

Feather in the Grass by Barbara Boethling

I remember sunlight flight-
leaving a stream of unseen enfolding lines.
I remember the caress of the clouds-
we were white on white.
I remember the lift within the vane-
strong and complete.
I remember the unseen air singing in the barbicels
a great breath bringing every dream alive.

Downy wisps  remain my very own dream~ afterfeathers that still catch sunlight and breeze, I am sustained by the thought of all this love. 

To write this piece I wanted to learn more about the parts of a feather- so I of course delighted to learn quite a bit.