Thursday, April 07, 2011

while the earth resists nothing

An explanation- I had in mind to write about the beautiful spring day I experienced while walking upon the earth-but that is not what happened...  
Does the still naked oak worry over the willows leaves?
Does the pine long for flowers the world could see?
Does the dogwood wish it could bloom before the cherry?

While the Earth Resists Nothing

By an open door~

My shirted pink back upon a rugged floor
Back of tired eyelids rest upon blue irises,
And the wants of a black dog go unheeded.

But oh dear sweet earth,
please heed my call ...
Hold me lightly in your palm.
Embrace my impatience as it drains from my heart~
into the bent knees and outstretched arms,
out through my bare souls.

Releasing light into root shafts-
hair spread out in a halo.

Take this sin away in a landslide of love,
Wash it away, consume it in fire,
I want to hear the gentle breeze whisper me home.
Loosening tightness.
Letting go of what I want to see,
so I can see what is.
Inviting the spirit of patience, the rhythm of balance
  into my over protected heart.