Monday, April 04, 2011

remembering to belong

Poetry Prompt by Jennie Page- April 4, 2011                                     

               where I belong shifts                      sideways-
while the sun shines on me anyway
              Dreaming- the words fall to page~ belonging not to me..

I stumble toward balance

Focus -
is before me...
Sensory blinders I say- as I see sunlight streaming,
and hear the dog ker-thunk in the kitchen,
seeing my sunglasses watching me, and a calendar unclosed.
My heart goes to the open door - a waterfall, bamboo rustling, a willow oh the willow- sways
and just then a chime gets carried away to bring me back.
And the dog jumps down from her perch.
No visitors have I -in fact my husband will leave me Wednesday.
Ah there it is...
I whirl in the transition of being alone for a month.
My ramble has wandered into the reason.