Friday, December 30, 2011

lighting your way- 

I prepare for the New Year and a continuation of observing one small moment a day. In January of this year I began the observations and the writing of small stones.  The last two days my preparations have included returning to read my very first stones. (In this recalling I see once again why I join with Fiona Robyn  in her lovely endeavor to pay attention. Check out the lovely online writing community Writing Our Way Home.)  

 I am choosing to re-post this stone as a way of circling back to a moment when I paused just long enough realize where balance is found.  


January 16, 2011- Small Stone 

Lighting Your Way by Teri H Hoover

Blackcreek, NY-July 27, 2009

Moving aside impossibilities
the path has became wide.
And for a brief moment, a bit of light.

I am walking along my path, set with a direction for my energy. A lovely path of connection, allowing my heart a safe place to be.  Unwanted ambivalence steps onto the path.  The sources are too many to name.  My heart retracts, my breath restricted- there is an ominous darkness ahead. I am learning to  turn directly to God, who takes my hand and carries my fear - so I can breathe. He laughs and says, be here with me, I will light your way.


  1. What a beautiful post. I can't promise that my small stones will be as lovely but I'll do my best. Good to meet you.

  2. Anonymous12/31/2011

    Beautiful photo and words. I too have been looking back at my first stones, connecting the circle.


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