Thursday, December 08, 2011

a half mile from home

December 08, 2011- Small Stones
a half  mile from home  by  Teri H Hoover

 I live in Blacksburg, Virginia. Almost everyday, my dog Pepper and I walk  the Huckleberry Trail- less than a half mile from Virginia Tech. For nearly a year now I have been writing while I walk.  I made it to the fourth line of my thought (by talking it into my phone-) when my writing was stopped by the Virginia Tech alert sirens.


Two days of rain,
leaves this trail clean
Two days inside-
the whole of me leans into the joy of moving

toward unknown endings.

I approach the cornered fork.
where once I saw a fox-
from pointed nose to muffled tail
straight -
as a bullet from a gun.

I approach the cornered fork

Slamming into a sound of a mind numbing alert.
Someone lays dying-
The wailing of sirens beneath the words
“This is not a test... seek shelter now.”

Down the hill a quarter mile from Virginia Tech.
A half a mile from home.

A postscript - this evening they released the name of the Virginia Tech Police officer who was shot and killed.
Slain Officer Identified

God bless the family of  Deriek W. Crouse.


  1. Oh wow. This is a beautiful and powerful piece of writing.

  2. Thank you Libby... I wish I only needed to write the first four lines.

  3. heart goes out to the officer's family.

  4. Thank you Linda- He was a dad of a a blended family- 5 children and step children and his wife, will need lots of prayers.


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