Tuesday, December 27, 2011

empty house

December 27, 2011- Small Stones
empty house   by  Teri H Hoover

Clouds relinquish the sun.
The sun fills dark places. 
Brightly through my kitchen window.
Filling now the quiet spaces.
Now settling on my dog and warming my shoulder.
Plunging the world into light. 
The computer screen covered in my reflection.
Trusting fingers to type through mouth lines and golden hair.

PST... (post stone thoughts)
Like a whimsical melody, husband glides by my window on his bike.
Momentarily he is through the door,
"It rained and sunned on me-".
He dissappears into the bedroom to change.
From the closet, I hear my husband singing a childhood rhyme;

"We do the hokey pokey and turn ourselves around- that is what Teri is all about."
He likes to insert our names into songs... I am sure he was not even aware of his singing. Coincidentally, I am pondering my word or phrase to "think on with intention" this coming year. (2011 I had the word "balance" as my go to word.- and it was most useful-I should write about it, I am unsure I will get to it). I have played with the word trust- trust in  leaving fear for brief moments to allow joy. But also trust that I can be unjoyful and know there is the option of  turning myself around. I tend to be a joy minimizer. (This has been a step by step process for me.) Sadness, contentment, gratefulness, sure. However, joy seems over the top. I think I see my direction. Time to walk the dog.

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