Saturday, November 19, 2011


November 19, 2011- Small Stones 
evening  by  Teri H Hoover

evening stands on bare branches.

darkness leans into dim shapes.

I am anchored to my dog.


  1. You make me miss my dog. The last one we had... She was the family dog, but she was mine.

  2. We have always had a dog. Pepper is a black lab. I call her my black puddle of love. She is snuggled up close with her chin resting on my leg as I type. What a blessing.

  3. I love the images here. It always darkens inside before it does outside and you have captured this perfectly. I miss my dog too, but the cat tries to make it up to me in her own way.

  4. Libby- Thanks so much for your comment. I was so focused on finding words for the evening that I did not notice how indeed it is darker inside first. My words, your observation, and I continue to see more clearly. Even in the dark. :-)


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