Sunday, September 11, 2011

this early morning shoreline

September 11, 2011- Small Stones 
this early morning shoreline by  Teri H Hoover

Avon-by-the Sea, NJ- Sept 15, 2001

(re-write the evening of 9-11-2011)

over the waves of sadness
love flickered in a song
from one broken heart to another  

(re-write the evening of 9-11-2011)

At the edge
Not a thing to want
Not a word to say

Love quivered in a broken heart 

at the edge 
Not a thing
Not a word

(original written 9-10-2011)

I stood on the edge of the world
Not a  thing left to want
Not a word right to find

consumed in loss

Love stood on the edge of the world
Not a thing
Not a word

unconsumed by shorelines

September 11, 2011 at 12:43 am 
I began but could not focus on things meaningful to me for this writing prompt. Indeed there is a home filled with 30 years worth of all that brings me comfort. As I type I have a love affair with the orchid on my table and the table cloth I made. I have unflinching affection for the pottery,and the window. But it’s the thank you notes that peek out from the wicker basket- and knowing there is a box full in the cupboard below. And the photo reminders in every corner. Those are the connectors – connected to the ones that connect us. And when we can no longer touch and see them- or hear their voice. So on this Sunday with a quiet heart I have written this instead-


  1. That's quite a powerful poem. And, part of its power is that you allowed the three versions to be read together, so that we read a buildup, a revealing, that evokes emotion.



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