Monday, August 01, 2011

rippling into a nap

August 1,2011 Small Stones
rippling into a nap by Teri H Hoover

My brain sparkles with ripples
as sunlight hits my closed eyelids.
Sofa pillows embrace-
I am sunlight.

Last weeks wedding still had me a bit not here - but there. Tired I lay on the sofa with my dog and sunlight wafts through maple trees and translucent curtains to find me.
And as I type this I see why I wrote my next stone...You see I am behind in posting yesterdays writing. Life does have a way of keeping me off balance in a lovely way.



  1. To become sunlight must feel wonderful!

  2. I'm sure I commented this on your WOWH blog, but going to say it again--beautiful! Love the first line. :)


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