Friday, August 26, 2011


August 26, 2011 Small Stones.
gathering by Teri H Hoover

rivers of lines
faithful and resigned
listen for intentions
why do I need to label my discomfort...
with all these hands have obtained
can they ever learn to let go
without clenching and clinging?

I am uncomfortable
from sitting
and grasping.
appears in the shape of a black lab in the doorway;
pink dirty toy hanging listlessly from her mouth.
She says stop tapping and forget the rest of the unused words.

Words collected:(words used )
Armrest, black lab, toy, words, doorway
uncomfortable,dirty, faithful, resigned,cuddly
listen, need, obtain,intend, gather


  1. Teri, could I borrow Pepper. Any dog willing to pull one away from a difficult prompt is properly called a rescue dog. Still, she waited long enough for you to tap out some moving words. Gathering hands that never want to let go places you right in the middle of the largest section of the population.

  2. A poet after my own heart, who tells it like it is. Lovely.

    I wonder if discomfort would fit better than uncomfortableness?

    and hope better than hopefulness?

    They would ease the ultra long lines.

  3. Anonymous8/26/2011

    Love the last line and the buildup to it works. How poignant this poem is and yet, fun.


  4. Mike- Pepper loves to be shared- when are you coming for a visit?

  5. Viv- I love you- and I hardly know you. Thank you for sending our a life raft to save me from my long lines! I was in a mad dash to try Maro's prompt before the day got away from me.

  6. Margo- Poignant but fun-I like that- I may have to put that in my bio. My dog Pepper does not allow for me to get to carried away with being too poignant and lately that is a good thing because I have been a bit in an Eeyore kind of mood.

  7. Teri,
    I love "can they ever learn to let go
    without clenching and clinging?" A great thought behind those words. I really enjoyed this. I am glad I found you as well over at Margo's.



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