Friday, August 05, 2011

the response

August 5, 2011 Small Stones
the response by Teri H Hoover 

Half way home I finally hear too much quiet.
The absence 
of their edgy summer presence somewhere above my head 
is missing.

Forming into question -
Does the overcast days dampen cicadas song?
Conversationally one lone cicada picks up his song- 
and just for me he sings. 



  1. I know it's late for a comment, but I'm fascinated by the cicadas. We haven't heard any here at our house in south St. Louis County, but a half mile away, at a Taco Bell, they are deafening, and they have to sweep them off the sidewalk. There are hundreds on a little tree by the front door.

    Begging the question, do cicadas like tacos?

  2. Late is a relative term...I just had someone comment on a post from March... So you are just fine! :-) Our cicadas have been going strong this summer - except on over cast days... As for the tacos I will see if we can't get some grant to study that- love your comments! xo teri


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