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July Small Stones
The wedding of Sara and Peter by Teri H Hoover

The Wedding of Sara and Peter 

My note to family and friends-


To each and everyone one of you- thank you for all your thoughts, love and blessings. 
The short version:

The wedding of Sara and Peter was filled love, laughter and exquisite evening light.

All of My Days by Alexi Murdoch- The song Sara and her dad came down the aisle to-please click the link to listen- you won't be sorry.
The long version:

It was 5:45 PM and most all of the key pieces had magically found their places. (Just under a year of planning might have had a bit to do with that.) The second floor dressing room was lined with windows overlooking the Long Island Sound. The wedding dress was taking it all in from its lofty vantage point -still on its hanger and covering up over half an armoire. The sun was a bit less oppressive than it had been at noon and a very slight breeze created ripples of diamonds on the water. 
From the dressing room vantage point we could see the helpful crew of friends working to secure a place for each of the four little lanterns. Spying us they gave cheery waves. The 20% chance of rain at 6 PM brought minimal clouds cover. And the breeze puffs over the the Long Island Sound, tugging at hair tendrils and and ribbons of tulle; did little to cool things down. White chairs fanned out on the green grass in front of a white gazebo tucked into a hedge of blue hydrangea. Beyond the waiting chairs, gazebo, and helpful friends the water was almost white now as the sun hovered two hours from sunset.

It was about 6:20 when things become a series on vignettes in my head- I have no idea if the wedding started on time. I remember being flooded with light as we stood on the deck waiting to descend to the gazebo on the lawn. My my mind flickered to fretting briefly that the heat would be too much for Sara's grandparents; who stood at the front of the procession. Cie appearing from no where holding my arm. Sara's voice from behind me talking to the flower-girl, Alexis. Blue deck umbrellas blocking the view of the water and the guests. My sparkly shoes peaking out from under the hem of my blue dress- surrounded by brilliant white floor boards. The small walky-talky used by the one of the many staff who guided us forward with precision. The cool hand that touched mine as it was angled into proper placement. The safe presence of my sons suited arm. And then we stood at the top of the stairs, I remember that first step down, I do not remember music, just the upward gaze of many faces. Then we were on the lawn pausing, feeling calm, continuing down the aisle lined with blue hydrangea. Alexis single minded and focused was down the aisle and seated before you could blink. And then Sara and her father stood radiant at the top of the stairs. And then everything left me but the but the sound of a strumming guitar – and all was filled with a song, which pulled the heart open and gave one room to feel a blessing in every breath.
All of My Days by Alexi Murdoch- (please click the link to listen- you won't be sorry)


Much love -

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  1. I got chills reading this, Teri - such a beautiful setting for your daughter's wedding. She's a lovely bride!


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