Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beyond Loss Someday

If I found the black marked words
could I let them go?


If I found your faith
and walked on water
could you then believe?

If I found the moment
where my heart receded~  
where it all began ...
What would be the difference? How would I remain?

Surrendering if ~
my loss is gets packed away,
Safe within
a shuttered heart~ my home.
And the shifting shafts of love
receding into darkness,
loss in labeled boxes~
Mildly mannered exteriors to keep the clutter clamped.
Peaceful shutters dragging lovely shadows for all the world to see-
My soul finds my heart forgetful and playing in the shade.
But stored away behind those shutters way down deep inside
the longing still

Thanks for the prompt Margo - it brought about something that wanted to be written-


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