Wednesday, January 05, 2011

one year and one day

January 5, 2011-Small Stone  
One Year and One Day by Teri H Hoover    




Upstairs sewing area, Blacksburg, VA- Jan 5, 2011


Bedroom, Blacksburg VA- Jan 5, 2010


One year and one day ago I started this quilt top.
I had a pattern but of course I did not stick to that.
I had a timetable.
A very realistic time table
with plenty of time to wander and return.
The next step will be to hand the quilt over
(to a friend)
to be machine quilted-
Another realistic move-
it is 
too BIG
to hand quilt.

Over on Joanne's blog Whole Latte Life
she posed the question -
"Do you come into the new year as a lion or a lamb?"
The responses in the comment section 
make this post really fun.
My answer:
  I am a lion in sheep's clothing-
kind of scary huh? 

My work style tends to be rather 

indirect -

but my courage bubbles up 
and keeps me moving in a general direction.
With that my quilt top is completed!

Delayed by a day- 
Delayed by a dog- 

Done in a year and a day.

Here is a link to the day I began my quilt top- 

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