Friday, January 14, 2011

finding balance

January 14,2011- Small Stone

Finding Balance by Teri H Hoover

Ceiling of the deck room, Blacksburg, VA- Jan 14, 2011

Laying prone on the unvacuumed floor, she felt flat as piece of cold black slate. Breathing in she could hear the purr of the heat pump, the whir of an automatic timer, a slight rattle of a heat duct and the sigh of her dog, all with great clarity. Breathing out, they all moved away -like a train pulling out of a station.

There is nothing like laying on the floor in the middle of the afternoon- and then doing it again at 10:30 at night so I can remember what I wanted to say about it. I was following yesterdays  kind suggestions from my yoga teacher.  The body has so much to say - but right now I need to give it the sleep it needs. Today was a good day - I could go on about it-  but you will just have to take my word for it. Blessings from the floor.

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